How To Get My Website to No.1 of Google
How? One of the ways is By Using Obscure Keywords

In the previous section, I explained how difficult it can be to get your website onto page one of Google, especially if your business area has lots of competition. Well, there are still ways we can still get visitors to our website even if we are not able to get to page 1 of Google straight away, even if we cannot initially beat established websites owned by a larger businesses, that possibly have specialist SEO experts working on optimizing their website/s day in day out. Well, this is by using what I call obscure keywords in your website. By obscure I mean less common used phrases or alternative names or more specific keywords used for your services or even more specific terms or phrases used in your business sector or area of expertise.

Example: Going back to our previous example of a home removals company offering House Removals in Yorkshire. We could optimize this site for a more specific service that they offer which potentially would be easier to gain a Higher Page ranking in Google / Page 1 status i.e. Piano Removals North YorkshireShredding and Archiving

Furthermore, Yorkshire is a very large county with many companies in this area offering these services. So we could narrow the area down by going for Keywords such as House Removal North Yorkshire or Even House Removals Boroughbridge. However the further we narrow our location the fewer hits we’ll get but generally the easier it would be to show up on the first page of Google. Initially, I can get my website to page 1 of Google. Remember, If for Example, we are on Page 5 for Keywords “House Removals North Yorkshire” we are unlikely to get any visitors through the search engines, especially Google, so in some cases, a few visitors to our website is better than none at all, well at least initially. Go to the bottom of the page to see the latest optimization results. As you will see Piano Removals North Yorkshire went straight to the first page and is currently in position No.2. and more importantly it is attracting visitors using this more specific set of keywords. Well since writing this article Piano movers and Piano removals North Yorkshire is currently residing in Position No.1 of Google.

According to various studies, more than 50% of web users analyze only the first two pages of results of organic search engines. Thus it is worthwhile to secure the position of your website in search results. This can be broken down further and estimates are that all most 70% of people searching only click on the first 4 results on the first page of Google.

Optimizing to beat existing competitors on popular Keywords takes time and a bit of trial and error. If it was easy then everyone would be on page 1 of Google and we all know that would be impossible!

Now, here I am just talking about one set of Keywords, generally you can optimize each page for at least 6 Keywords sometimes many more depending on the quantity and quality of content on the page, so we would include some more keywords for the surrounding local business area to try to get even more visitors to our website.

Optimizing for Keywords is all about knowing and finding out what people will type into a search engine to get the particular services they are interested in or require. Not everyone is the same, some people will type House, some home, some just removals and their location. So it’s all about knowing what they’ll search for, how they will search and more importantly what is achievable when optimizing your website based on the current competition.

The difference between positions 1 to 4 on page 1 of Google and positions 5 to 9+ on the same first page could result in 70% more or less hits depending on how you look at it!

There are web tools you can use to discover what keywords your business competitors are achieving and aiming for to achieve a page 1 rank in Google and there are some other website tools you can use to discover what are the most searched for keywords. But as I pointed out earlier just because you optimize your website with these keywords does not mean you will achieve a page one rank in the search engine.
Also, be aware sometimes the numbers and keywords that you get back from these keyword discovery tools can be a bit misleading and stray you in the wrong direction. See “drive more traffic to my website” where I explain this further.

Note: Google now ignores metatags and now favors meta descriptions

The reason for this is that quite often the websites metatags/keywords were often misleading and used inappropriately by Optimizers. Google now focuses more attention on actual content, page description and links within the website Although I have found the latter to be less of a problem if you have good content.