How to Advertise with Google AdWords Pay-per-Click

AdWords is a pay-per-click advertising platform, it is very easy to advertise using it and is playing a very important role in the success of the marketing campaign.

Most of the people that are new to the world of online marketing, very often are afraid to advertise using Google, because they don’t know what results to expect.

Learning How to Advertise With Google

Internet marketing specialists and online advertisers can somehow familiarize themselves with the process involved in being able to advertise with Google through ebooks, guides, and articles. However, the best way to really learn it is simply to sign up and try it as the interface is easy enough even for internet marketing newbies to use. The sign-up process is also easy, especially when internet marketers already have accounts on other Google properties including Gmail, GTalk, and Google Docs.

Upon creating an account, it is recommended for new users to first navigate the entire Google AdWords pay-per-click advertising site before even attempting to start a campaign. They should understand the functions of the available sections and also go through the articles made available in the Help section. Doing so will help them to learn how to advertise with Google and everything involved in running an AdWords pay-per-click campaign.

Preparing to Advertise With Google

Once users have made themselves familiar with the AdWords pay-per-click platform, they can start preparing the things they need to advertise with Google. Among the most important of which are keywords to target. To come up with this, advertisers should study their offerings and think about what words or phrases their target market would use to find them using Google’s search engine. They can also opt to use Google’s Keyword Research Tool to come up with a list of perfect keywords to target through a pay-per-click advertising campaign.

Upon coming up with keywords to target, users should develop copy for each. To advertise with Google AdWords, pay-per-click advertising copy should include a headline and two description lines. It is recommended that advertisers strive to develop compelling text that includes targeted keywords or phrases within the character limits set by Google. For the headline, the limit is 25 characters while for each description line, the limit is 35 characters.

Setting Up and Launching an AdWords Pay-per-Click Advertising Campaign

When new advertisers have already developed a pay-per-click advertising copy for each keyword or phrase that they want to target, they should be ready to set up their campaign to advertise with Google. All there is to it is going to the Campaigns section, clicking on “Add New Campaign.” A step-by-step form will then appear so that users can select settings for languages, locations, targeted networks and devices, schedule, ad delivery, daily budgets, and bids.

Once settings have been selected, users simply need to submit the copy they have developed for each keyword and enter a display as well as a destination URL. Afterward, the newly-created campaign will appear in the user’s dashboard and all they have to do is wait for Google to approve their advertisements. As soon as advertisements have been approved, users’ ads will start to appear in search results for the keywords that they have targeted.

Managing and maintaining efforts to advertise with Google is as simple as all the other steps. All advertisers need to do is to use the AdWords Pay-per-Click platform to track the status of their campaigns and make sure that they have enough funds to cover the cost of each click. They should also continue to search for new keywords to target, remove those that aren’t performing, and make sure that their bids are enough to make their ads appear. As long as they can continue doing this, they can enjoy the benefits of being able to advertise with Google.



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