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15 Questions To Help You Choose A Good Real Estate Agent

If you do decide to use the services of a real estate agent, then it is important that you choose the right one to work with. Afterall, the real estate agent is usually the key to a successful transaction.

However, when you buy or sell a home it can be especially difficult when dealing with an incompetent or disloyal real estate agent. Fortunately, most real estate agents do an excellent or reasonably good job.

Then, there is that worrying small percentage of real estate agents who are downright incompetent. Almost every industry suffers this type of person, so it is important to avoid a bad agent if you are about to buy or sell a home. 


To help select a good agent, there are several key issues you should discuss with the real estate agent. Treat the process like a job interview – do you want this person to work for you in buying or selling, what could be, your biggest asset? Interview several agents before picking the one you want to work with to buy or sell a home.

Real Estate Tip: A good and a bad real estate agent have one thing in common – their job is to be a “deal-maker.” So, you need to be confident in your own mind, that the agent has the ability and skills required to successfully make the deal happen and achieve an outcome that you are happy with.

But, be warned – some real estate agents will perform all sorts of tricks to stitch up a deal. This is fine so long as they are not “stitching up” the buyer or the seller. There’s nothing wrong with enthusiasm to pull a deal together – it is to be applauded.  However, a good real estate agent needs to remain professional and ethical at all times throughout the home selling process. 


Before you buy or sell a home, or select an agent, find out the answers to these questions:

  1. How long has the real estate agent been involved in the real estate industry?

Real Estate Tip: This question is not intended to disavantage a new agent, as time spent in the industry is not necessarily the most important factor. However, it may demonstrate the agent’s level of experience or field of experience. That’s not to say that a new agent wouldn’t do a better job – and that’s why you need to ask several other questions too.

  1. Can the real estate agent supply testimonials from satisfied clients?

Real Estate Tip: It would be reassuring to be able to contact the last three or four home sellers that the agent represented. Although, it is not always possible to get the names, addresses and phone numbers of the most recent clients, a lot of real estate agents will be able to put you in touch with some former clients. The real estate agent might even include this information in his or her listing presentation.

The important thing is to follow-up on these clients and ask if they were in anyway unhappy with service and would they list their home for sale with the same agent again. If they wouldn’t – ask why? Listen carefully to the answers and be alert for any hesitation or vague answers.

  1. Does the real estate agent offer any form of guarantee?

Real Estate Tip: The real estate agent might be extremely positive and confident of selling your home, but will he or she offer any form of guarantee? You might want some reassurance on the amount of effort that will be put in, or the amount of advertising, or you may want the opportunity to cancel the listing if you’re not happy with the progress.

It is all very well hearing about what the agent plans to do and achieve. But, things don’t always go to plan and promises are not always kept. It pays to know in advance, what recourse you have if the real estate agent makes a mistake or fails to deliver on promises. Discuss how your relationship with the agent can be improved or terminated if things don’t work out.


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