Internet Marketing

You will have to be prepared before using Google Adsense

When you are starting with using the internet to advertise your business and products, you can find yourself with banned Adsense account from not using it properly.

Avoid Traffic Exchanges

Traffic exchanges do have a valid use, but most Pay Per Click affiliate programs like Adsense or Yahoo publishing network do not allow them. Some affiliate programs such as Adbrite allow the use of traffic exchanges but will pay less per click to their affiliates who use this method. Internet marketers should carefully read to the terms of service to choose the company that best meets their particular business needs. Because most pay per click programs view the click exchanges as an invalid traffic source, another way to drive traffic to the web Internet marketer’s web site must be found. There are two basic ways to do this, Search Engine Optimization and taking out lower cost pay per click ads on lower cost affiliate companies.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses various techniques to cause your ranking to be higher in most of the dominant search engines. While companies who offer SEO will specifically target Google by adding links and making sure your content includes the number of words required for good keyword density. Many SEO companies will also use the known techniques to increase how a page is listed on other popular search engines. The goal of Search Engine Optimization is to increase the number of visitors to a web site in the hopes that some of those visitors will click on an ad.

Taking Out Lower Cost Ads

The next method which pay-per-click advertising methods allow is to take ads out on lower priced advertising places such as Adbrite that link to higher paying ads. Internet marketers involved in domain parking often use this method. The click-through rate for the Internet marketer using this method will be higher than the marketer who uses search engine optimization since you are likely targeting people who had an interest in the companies or products you were advertising. Taking out lower-cost ads that link to the site with your higher paying ads is best combined with search engine optimization as a high click through rate can result in the loss of a pay per click account.

Internet Marketers will probably need hundreds of sites to turn a substantial profit from these techniques, but once the initial effort has been made, only the occasional purchasing of more ads or adding funds to the service where the Internet marketer took out lower cost ads is needed.


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