An Introduction to Social Media Optimization

Social media optimization is the latest rage as it will help customers remember a brand name and also send new visitors to the site.

Many may not be aware that Social Media Optimization was originally conceived by Rohit Bhargava and in fulfillment of this concept, he laid down a few rules:

  • The linkability had to be augmented
  • Inbound links had to be encouraged through rewards
  • Bookmarking and tagging were to be simplified
  • Connecting communities had to be achieved.

Social Media Optimization Tools

Over a period of time, more and more rules were added to make the concept of Social Media Optimization more effective and broad-based and also to serve different purposes such as – research, analysis, and sales promotion. Some of the common tools in present-day use are:

  • Sociable Liking – to ascertain the social presence of a chosen key phrase or keyword and to generally help brand search/brand monitoring
  • KnowEm – is available free and in a paid form and its purpose is to readily check whether the brand name or associated keywords are shown on different social media sites.
  • Social Media Firefox – is a convenient tool to spot the latest news items that are becoming popular on social as well as bookmarking sites.
  • SEMRush – is a critical tool for organic search rankings of one’s own as well as competitors’ sites.
  • Google Insights for Search – is a purposeful tool to examine popularity trends of chosen keywords.
  • Page Inlink Analyzer – is, as the name suggests, meant for analyzing incoming links and its concomitant Delicious bookmark and keyword tags.
  • MajesticSEO – is useful in the tracking of all backlinks. For instance, it is helpful in ascertaining which of one’s own social destinations – be it a blog or Facebook or Twitter that is getting inbound links.
  • Trackur – may be described as a social media monitoring device to know what others are commenting about one’s brand.
  • SocialMention – is an effective tool, available free, for real-time social search with a scoring facility.
  • – may be simply described as a means of abridging the URL. Further, it is possible to obtain relevant details for each URL that is shortened.
  • PostRank – is a versatile engagement yardstick to track and get the relevant information in the database of any website including one’s own.

Benefit of SMO

The benefits of social media optimization are manifold. For many sites, SMO helps instant exposure and ingress of inbound links. It is also quite likely that a meaningful size of new links will be coming from high-quality sites pertaining to one’s field. The onus is of course on the website owners to exploit these new visitors and transform them into dedicated members of the community.

Besides, SMO motivates the site owner to create superior, keyword-rich web content, to help build online as well as offline brand, add to quality inbound links and generally expose the web content to numerous first-time visitors.

While Search Engine Optimization (SEO) breaks down all crawling hurdles to facilitate the engines to fully index a web site, Social Media Optimization demolishes the side walls for easy identification, distribution, and sharing of content. It is common knowledge that providing the right link at the most appropriate time to the target audience can fetch large scale traffic to the site.


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